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una carta muy bien redactada


I want to say a very well redacted letter [ well written ] if that a good English? A very well redacted letter?, thanks

updated ABR 13, 2010
posted by anthony587

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I think I would avoid the use of the words redact or redacted.


The dictionary definition of these words is very enticing for your circumstances. For example here is one definition:


tr.v. re·dact·ed, re·dact·ing, re·dacts
1. To draw up or frame (a proclamation, for example).
2. To make ready for publication; edit or revise.

This looks most innocent and in fact it is innocent.


Unfortunately, the word has taken on a somewhat sinister meaning in North America. Whenever and wherever North American governments at any level are called upon to reveal information as in making public disclosure of previously confidential to secret information, they do so as commanded. But, the disclosed documents are "redacted". Redacted has come to mean, to the public, they have phrases, sentences, paragraphs and even entire pages "Blacked out". A felt tip marker has hidden the redacted portions. The public often feels the disclosure is a sham and subterfuge and unfortunately, the word "redact" and its derivatives are painted with the same dark shadow.


Another case of an innocent word gone bad at the hands of nefarious sinners.


Muchos saludos/Best regards


updated ABR 13, 2010
posted by Moe

Hi Anthony. Welcome to the forum.

Why not just say "A well-written letter?"

updated ABR 13, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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