How do you say "I think I love you"?

How do you say "I think I love you"?


I think it would have more feeling behind it, especially to a fluent speaker when they know you're trying to learn spanish haha.

Mucho Gracius!

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This obviously means you are not sure at the moment but you don't want to sound clinical about it either, so I would say, Creo que estoy cayendo enamorado(a) de ti.

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Nice, much better than mine. - lewiex, ABR 11, 2010
would I put enamorada if I am a girl? Or would I say enamorado because I am talking to a man? (If that makes sense... estoy muy cansada y un poco confundida jaja.) - 00a43ae4, ABR 11, 2010
Yes, you say, "Enamorada." - 005faa61, ABR 12, 2010

I'm new to spanish but i this is how i would say I think i love you

Either one of these:

creo que te amo

pienso que te quiero

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Hola Lewiex! Thank you for contributing your answer and welcome to Spanishdict! :) - 00a43ae4, ABR 11, 2010
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