How do you include accents and such when writing comments?

How do you include accents and such when writing comments?


I cannot seem to figure out how to write "á" or "é" or "ñ", etc. when making comments. I have tried using the Alt commands, but it does not seem to work with my laptop. I do not remember if it worked with the numberpad on my keyboard at work.

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Thanks, Heidita. You are correct in the category listing. - danrivera, ABR 11, 2010

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Hola DanRivera:

Here is an answer I recently wrote about typng Spanish Characters. ----> Vikingo's Tiny Program

The program is a piece of cake. I use a desktop computer. I have not used it on a laptop but if the keyboard has the "Windows" key referred to, it should work.

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¡Gracías! - danrivera, ABR 11, 2010

Firefox has language add-ons for this sort of thing, I use this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/459

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I don't seem to have any problem using the Alt key and numbers when in a big hurry but the above site I use very frequently for stories and comments and such that I can just copy and paste anywhere. The above site is free and it allows a fast typist to just hold down the Ctrl key to get the needed accents and also the upside down ? mark. I type the spanish text from my class work book, select all and copy and paste into Word and it works perfect. That way I can put any translation right below the spanish text and email off to my friends in class in .doc format.

Hope this helps

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Veríamos si este está bueno. We will see if this is good. :-) - danrivera, ABR 11, 2010
Yay! Thank you! At least this is one way to do it. I don't suppose you know how to do it while remaining on this site do you? - danrivera, ABR 11, 2010
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