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Un Mexicanismo ...cont., a new one


Loved the Echar comal y metate, I tried very hard to be the first to come up with the answer. I changed my cell phone to Spanish and asked all my Mexican friends, no one knew, asked all the mexicans at school the next day, no one kenw.

Went to church and my friend who is a "chilanga" (do you know that mexicanismo?) knew what it was right away. When I texted the others who didn't know they said "oh, that makes sense"

I learned another expresion...lets see if you know what it means... Me duele mí hermoso cuerpo

Have fun!!!!

updated MAR 12, 2012
posted by Sharon-Cash
Interesting..I'm going to watch this thread for the answer! - --Mariana--, ABR 11, 2010
I love the original meanings of these funny mexicanisms... Can't wait to see the answer :) - bomberapolaca, ABR 11, 2010
chilanga - a female from el DF - Rey_Mysterio, MAR 12, 2012

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How about:

My whole body hurts.


I hurt all over.

updated ABR 12, 2010
posted by Moe
Great job, tha't's Exactly what it maens. - Sharon-Cash, ABR 11, 2010
Congratulations! Good to know that :) - bomberapolaca, ABR 12, 2010

Una chilanga is a woman from D. F. (Distrito Federal/Mexico City). Chilango would be a guy from D.F. I have noticed that while this is not an insulting term; it does seem to generate different responses. While many people are proud to be chilangos and smile at the mention of the term, others might roll their eyes at being called a chilango.

updated MAR 12, 2012
posted by alba3
Perfecto!!!! - Sharon-Cash, ABR 11, 2010

Me duele mí hermoso cuerpo.

Voy a adivinar la frase significa: “Duele ser bella” o “La belleza es una maldición.” Como dice el refrán: “No me odia porque soy hermosa”.

I am going to guess it means “It hurts to be beautiful” or “Beauty is a Curse” As the saying goes: “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful”.

updated ABR 11, 2010
posted by razz
Nope, keep gussing - Sharon-Cash, ABR 11, 2010
Sigh. - razz, ABR 11, 2010

Hm, difficult to guess...Maybe some irony should come into play. How can a body be healthy, big and ailing at the same time? Still, no faintiest idea about a possible meaning...

updated ABR 11, 2010
posted by bomberapolaca

does everyone give up?

updated ABR 11, 2010
posted by Sharon-Cash
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