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Otra las mesas?


The dictionary has a few examples of different tables but not enough. How would you say the following in spanish?

dinning room table

coffee table

end table next to the sofa

dressing table

kitchen table

I am sure there are a lot more but right now these will do since we are working on an unfurnished apartment and we have a lot of furniture to add.


updated ABR 10, 2010
posted by foxluv

3 Answers


I think dressing table is "el tocador" and coffee table is "la mesa de café".

updated MAY 16, 2010
posted by Rikko

Dinning room table: Mesa del comedor Coffee table and End table next to the sofa: Mesita. could be but somehow you need to specify which one you're talking about like where it is. Dressing table. Tocador Kitchen table: Mesa de la cocina Night table: Buró (the stressed syllable is on RÓ)

updated ABR 11, 2010
posted by mary_c

I don´t know any of these, but a night table is mesita de noche.

updated ABR 10, 2010
edited by BellaMargarita
posted by BellaMargarita
Once I have seen that written as "mesilla" instead of "mesita". I believe they mean the same thing though. - Rikko, ABR 10, 2010
BTW, I thnk you missed a word between "don't" and "any". - Rikko, ABR 10, 2010
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