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I would like anyone in the medical field (or just knowledgeable) this question.

I know there are different words for sprain (esquince, dislocacion, falseo, torcedura, distencion). Which is MOST commonly used?

For strain (tiron, desgarre) Which is MOST commonly used?

updated ABR 10, 2010
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for sprain you commonly use torcedura and for strain you use desgarre.

updated ABR 10, 2010
posted by yera

I would say I have seen "torcedura" used in several places. Dislocacion means "dislocation", which is different from a sprain. Desgarre is a tear, as in a ligament or muscle tear of some sort.

I am not an expert in Spanish medicine yet, but I've been working on a medical reference article for this site. I will be interested to hear what those who are fluent have to say. smile

Here is something that might help: sprains

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