Video of the Day: Grammar Rap

Video of the Day: Grammar Rap


Today's video deals with a problem that seems to be growing at an alarming rate, which is poor spelling and grammar. Personally, I know it bothers me when I see so many posts which have capitalization, spelling and grammar errors. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle. The video is a bit silly, but gets the point across.

In Spanish (with the English translation) let us know how you feel about this topic. Does it bother you? Do you think that people make too much of a big deal over this topic? What do you think? Remember to check for your corrections and to vote for your favorites. smile

Grammar rap

updated ABR 12, 2010
posted by Nicole-B

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El video es muy gracioso pero cierto, estoy completamente de acuerdo. Entiendo tu frustración Nicole, hay algunos miembros que ni siquiera hacen un poco de esfuerzo a acatar las reglas del foro o a observar lo que se comportan otros miembros aquí. A veces siento que somos demasiado amables con ellos.

The video is very funny but true, I completely agree with them. I understand your frustration, Nicole, there are some members who do not even make a little effort to comply with the forum rules or observe what other members behave in here. I sometimes feel we are too kind with them.

¡Corregid mi español, por favor !

updated ABR 12, 2010
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posted by Krama

El video es muy gracioso! Esos chicas son muy creativas. Soy una maestra de Ingles, así, estoy completamente de acuerdo.

The video is very funny! Those girls are very creative. I am (was? once you are, you always are, I guess!) an English teacher, so I totally agree.

I have a question, in my first two sentences did I use ser and estar correctly? My first guess was to use estar for both of them, because they both seemed to be followed adjectives that are sort of temporary characteristics. But then I noticed Krama used ser in the (almost identical) sentence above. Maybe because the video is constant, unchanging, thus "funny" is a permanent condition, while the girls' characteristic could change? I can't figure out ser and estar, sigh...

updated ABR 10, 2010
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posted by schemmn
I'm not an expert, but I'd use ser for both cases: 1). your opinion about something, 2). characteristic. - Krama, ABR 9, 2010
I think "filles" is a french word, you should say "chicas or mujeres" in spanish and creativaS. - Krama, ABR 9, 2010
Oh, how silly of me. I know just a smattering of French (and German), and I've done that before when I'm trying to think of a Spanish word. Obviously I'm enough of a beginner that all my "2nd languages" are overlapping in those pathways in my brain! - schemmn, ABR 9, 2010
and thanks, Krama! - schemmn, ABR 9, 2010

Hay varios maestros y profesores de ingles en mi familia, por eso, la gramática mala y puntuación incorrecta son temas frecuentes de conversación.

There are several English teachers and professors in my family so poor grammar and incorrect punctuation are frequent conversation topics.

updated ABR 8, 2010
posted by LaBurra
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