How do I answer to a question using a direct object pronoun?

How do I answer to a question using a direct object pronoun?


Example: Me entiendes? Practicas los verbos? Tienes el libro de texto? I know that it is asking a question but i'm not sure of the correct way to respond back to it. Please help!!!!

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¿Me entiendes? Do you understand me? It was "whom" do you understand? Me

¿Nos entiendes? Do you understand us? Again, "whom do you understand? Us

To answer the question:

Te entiendo. I understand you. Whom do I understand? You

or No te entiendo. I do not understand you.

¿Practicas los verbos? Do you practice what? los verbos

Los practico. I practice them.

¿Tienes el libro de texto?

Lo tengo. I have it. What do I have? it

Directo objects precede a conjugated verb.

Also, you might want to check out the reference section of Spanishdict.com.

Buena suerte....

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It's quite simple really. What you have to do first is think of the gender of the word you are speaking. For example:

Tienes el libro? El libro is masculine therefore the direct object pronoun is lo. It would be la if the object were female. Los is masculine plural. Las is feminie plural.

Then all you have to do is change the person to you. In this case tienes because tengo.

Your answer: Si, lo tengo.

It always comes before the verb.

Another example:

Me entiendes?

Si, lo/la entiendo.


Practicas los verbos?

Los = masculine plural.

Si, los practico.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite natural. Good luck smile

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thank you for not jugding my questions and my grammer like others on here are doing. iI am on here for help so that i can pass my spanish class and i thank everyone for responding because it has helped me so far in my spanish. - Tristian, ABR 7, 2010

Sí te entiendo. Sí los pratico. Sí, lo tengo.

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