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I was talking to a freiend, the main subject was protection of his sister I said "look after her.. I worry for her."

he said he always cares (yo la cuido siempre) the brother say "si es buena y muchos muchachos detras de ella" I said "really? " he said yeh many...

I am getting a Machine translation along these lines.. if it is good and a lot of guys behind

please point me in the right direction of this sentence?

  1. Many guys look out for her safety
  2. there have been many bad guys in the past.!
  3. she is always with a new guy? (brother is teasing?)

it is sometimes difficult the way sentence are structured.. I am getting better at reading the sentences tho..

thanks smile

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I believe (yo la cuido siempre) means: I always take care of (look after) her.

I believe "si es buena y muchos muchachos detras de ella", should be sí (with the accent), and it would probably be something like, "yes, it's good, and many guys are around her (behind her).

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posted by Rolest
Thankyou :) thats what I came to kind of understand after re-reading it a few times, nice to be sure - toxsickshaun, ABR 7, 2010

"muchos muchachos detras de ella"

There are lots of guys chasing after her. / She's very popular with the boys.

They are "behind" her in a metaphorical sense.

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She has a lot of boys beside her

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posted by Bunbury

I think your friend just meant that his sister is nice and there are always a lot of guys around her.

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posted by swing
Thankyou for the help.. So much appricated! - toxsickshaun, ABR 7, 2010
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