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Spanish problem please help me!!


So I'm working on a spanish worksheet and I came across a fill in the blank. I know what all the words mean but it doesn't make sense to me. Anyone can help?

-¿Qué quisiera usted de ____________ ______________? -Me gustaría el arroz con pollo.

those are two blanks for two words to fill in.


updated ABR 23, 2010
posted by span1stud151

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¿Qué quisiera usted de plato principal?

This is my best guess given the answer : el arroz con pollo (main course)

Source: http://www.getspanishhelp.com

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posted by Cesar_Augusto

¿la entrada - main course?

updated ABR 23, 2010
posted by Delores--Lindsey
Yes. At least this is how it is said in Mexico. - 005faa61, ABR 23, 2010

I'm guessing given the usted that the first is the question from the waiter as to what you want to eat and drink, and the reply is rice with chicken. 'come' could be an answer. but not sure about second word

updated ABR 6, 2010
posted by MiguelitoNZ
mabey come cena do you think? - span1stud151, ABR 6, 2010
I'm confused as to how "come" would be a possible response. D: - 20003425-, ABR 6, 2010
come is the conjugation of comer (to eat) for usted. come cena looks possible - MiguelitoNZ, ABR 6, 2010
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