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I have just bought a cd of Cuban music by Los Fakires, so looked up the word fakir in spanishdict, and as predicted it is the same as the english word fakir, which I guess has Asian/Arabic origins?. But the dictionary also gives full verb conjugation for fakir but what does this translate to in english as a verb?

updated ABR 6, 2010
posted by MiguelitoNZ
that fakest of answers by the conjugater - nizhoni1, ABR 6, 2010

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It is a computer translation problem. It only recognizes word endings (ir,er,ar) and assumes they are verbs and conjugates accordingly.

updated ABR 6, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
gracias, so it is a 'fake' answer on fakir! - MiguelitoNZ, ABR 6, 2010
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