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Texts to fill with the correct tense


I wonder if there are some sites on the Internet in which there are English exercises to fill with the correct tense.

The type of texts is with several tenses. It is not something in passive or things like these.

I have been looking for on the Internet but I haven't found anything. Only some unimportant. I hope it exists something better.

Thank you.

updated ABR 6, 2010
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posted by nila45

2 Answers


Hi Nila.

I found this on google under "English tense practices."

I hope it helps.

updated ABR 6, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
Thank you, very much. How did you find this? You have guessed how to do the search on Google. - nila45, ABR 6, 2010

Hm.. when some time ago I searched exercises there were lots of...I just didn't have patient to do all. Try google with words like ejercicios+tiempos+español. Good luck!

updated ABR 6, 2010
posted by swing
She's looking for excercises in English. - --Mariana--, ABR 6, 2010
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