Cielo de amor translation?


Can anyone shed light on what "cielo de amor" means in the following context?

"Sin duda hubiera ella deseado menos severidad en ese rígido cielo de amor, mas expansiva e incauta ternura..."

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Hello JPQueen, welcome to the Forum!

You have quoted a rather poetic piece of prose. A rough, fairly literal translation would be: "Certainly she could have wished for less severity in that rigid heaven of love, a more open and careless tenderness..."

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I've googled this quotation and it comes form "El almohadón de plumas" by Horacio Quiroga. Judging by the whole text it's rather metaphoric and the use of the word "cielo" clashes with the adjective "rígido"

I've also looked up more meaning of rígido and found also stiff, inflexible and even intolerant.

In this context the literal translation (see the one given by Gerkkosan) seems to be the best one, as it juxtaposes our mental image of heaven with qualities ascribed to it by the author.

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Lovely explanation!