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Help with the meaning. My first email in Spanish!


" hola preciosa ., que tal yo bien mira., " google translate says - Hello beautiful, that I may well look - ??? what does that mean?!

updated ABR 5, 2010
posted by 00a1a4f7

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Part of the problem is that this person kind of collapsed a few stages of a conversation into one phrase: It looks like it should be: "Hola preciosa, ¿Qué tal? Yo, bien. Mira,..." Which is "Hi beautiful, how are you? I'm fine. Look,..."

Hope that helps and welcome to the forum!

updated ABR 5, 2010
posted by nuxita

The problem is simply what so many people today forget: use capitalization and punctuation as it should be used... This rule was instilled in me many years ago, and I am so sorry it is being violated so often.

Maybe we can put some of the blame on writers such as Ernest Hemingway.

updated ABR 5, 2010
edited by PuraVidaJim
posted by PuraVidaJim
I corrected the spelling of his first name. - PuraVidaJim, ABR 5, 2010
I can't even stand when people text/e-mail with all kinds of abbreviations and numbers. All in capital letters. I'm not saying that I write perfectly, but at least I try not to write in codes. - 00e46f15, ABR 5, 2010
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