US Expatriates

US Expatriates


Abuelita and I are almost finished with our assignment in Colombia. We'll be in Guatemala for a month before returning to the US. We're seriously considering living as expatriates after we get our affairs settled .

Does anyone have any suggestions about places in the Spanish speaking world where US citizens could live on a limited budget?

updated ABR 12, 2010
posted by CalvoViejo

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You could live on a limited budget (i.e., rent is about $400 a month and an average lunch about $6) in Oaxaca and the city is very interesting with quite a few expatriates (however, not so many that you speak English all the time). As interesting as Oaxaca is, it's a city, complete with noise and pollution, and not a pueblo. I'm not sure what type of environment you like best.

If you decide to go for a visit, feel free to PM me (I've been there twice for two-month visits) and can give you some more information.


updated ABR 7, 2010
posted by --Mariana--

No don't have any suggestions but I will watch this post with interest as one day in the not too distant future I would like to return to a Spanish-speaking country and stay for an indefinite period.

updated ABR 5, 2010
posted by nonombre
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