Please help me at this question !

Please help me at this question !


– ¿______________has explicado todo a Rocío? – Que sí, no te preocupes. a) Se te b) Se lo c) Se la d) Se le

Answer sheet says that right answer B.(Se lo)

I have questions about that. First of all, "explicar"is NOT reflexive verb. Why do we use "se" ?

Its not "explicarse". So "has explicado" "did you explain" is enough.

And Second one, why is there "lo" ? "Todo" means that already ?

"Has explicado toto a Racio" tiene suficiente significación! "Did you explain everything to Racio"

I have a spanish exam 2 weeks later, i am running out of time and i'm really stressful :/

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Usas "lo" porque el hablante ya entiende lo que significa "lo." Voy a decir el resto en inglés porque puede ser poco confuso. This is a case of indirect/direct object pronouns, not reflexive pronouns. First, the order of the objects are "I.D." Indirect object/direct object. As you know, "se" is not an indirect object pronoun. However, the "le" changes to "se" because "le lo" sounds weird. It's basically a "lola" rule. Basically, you cannot have two "l" words together when doing do/ido pronouns. In this instance, "se" refers to Rocío (without the "lo" you would use "le"). However, you have to use the "lo" because you are referring to something that the listener already knows about (which is not todo). It could be shoes, Diet Coke, homework, or whatever. For more information on this, you should look up indirect object pronouns and direct object pronouns lessons on this website. That way you can practice and get a clearer explanation. ¡Espero que te haya ayudado!

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Gracias, has ayudado mucho.. - bizco, ABR 4, 2010

If the answer is "Se lo" this is an interesting question.

It could be somehow a "passive" question but I can´t answer it. Lo siento.

Explicarse does exist however

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