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Can I say this instead of 'Soy de Inglaterra' or does it sound strange?

updated SEP 8, 2011
posted by alexengijon
It sounds good to me Alex. - ian-hill, ABR 4, 2010
No , all is correct - Bunbury, ABR 4, 2010

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It does sound strange to me, I know the verb provenir means to come from but I don't think it means to come from as in your place of origen, I suspect one could say for instance, ese ordenador provino de china to mean that this computor came from china.I think we need a native grammaterian to sort this one out.

updated SEP 8, 2011
posted by kenwilliams
I'm a spaniard native , and it's correct . It's not sounding like a kick on tesdles . :-) - Bunbury, ABR 4, 2010
Estoy de acuerdo con Ken. Nunca he oído alguien djio, "provengo de..." Al contrario, puedes decir vengo de Inglaterra y suena correcta. - Kerri, ABR 4, 2010
suena correcto , no correcta . A no ser que tengas una amiga en inglaterra , y no nos hayas dicho nada .lol - Bunbury, ABR 4, 2010
"origin" - "computer" - "China" - "grammarian"... :) - cristalino, SEP 8, 2011
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