Forum Rules and Guidelines/Reglas del foro

Forum Rules and Guidelines/Reglas del foro

Welcome to the forum!

Please abide by these guidelines when you post:

I. Asking a Question using SpanishDict 'Answers'

1. Look for an answer first

Search our dictionary and look through the definitions, examples, and idioms. Scroll down for a list of Questions already addressing that word in the Answers Forum, or use the Answers Forum's search box.

2. One topic per question

Ask about only one topic in each thread. Stay on the topic and answer the question that was asked. Use the comment box for clarfications and comments. If you have more than one question, ask a new question for each. If you wish to talk about a related subject that is different from the question posed in the first post of the thread, head to the chatroom to have a conversation or send a private message.

3. Be clear and provide context.

To get the best possible answers to your question, be detailed, provide context, and ask for a specific type of response. Your question should include at least one full sentence to avoid ambiguity. Thread titles must include all or part of the word/phrase being addressed. (Avoid phrases like "translation please", "how do I say this", "I'm new" and similar expressions.)

4. No cheating on school assignments.

These forums do not provide free schoolwork, translations, or revisions of texts. You may submit your attempt at an assignment and members have the opportunity to correct it, but no one will do your assignment for you.

5. No Advertising or promotional activity.

No promotional activity or advertising of any kind is permitted in the forum, avatars, user names, or private messages. Such activity will result in banishment from SpanishDict.

II. Be a positive part of the SpanishDict community

1. Be helpful, nice, and polite.

If someone's Spanish or English is incorrect, politely provide a correction. There is no need to humiliate or be sarcastic for any reason.

2. Make friends, not enemies

"Please" "Thank you" "Hello" and "You are awesome" are great additions to any Question or Answer. Remember, we are a community learning together. Treat everyone as a friend and as you wish to be treated. Mean, offensive, obscene, abusive, insulting, threatening, and harassing comments are no allowed. Use of such language will result in banishment from SpanishDict.

3. Keep your content clean and appropriate

Do not post offensive material (language, videos, usernames, pictures, etc.). Questions or Answers with offensive content will be deleted as this is a "family-oriented" forum and should be appropriate for all age levels. If you feel that for a correct translation you need to use "certain" words, avoid being explicit and use symbols (@#¢) to avoid spelling the entire word.

4. Use correct language

Students come here to learn: correct capitalization, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation. Chatspeak (lol, cu 2mrow) is not allowed unless as a topic of discussion. The use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS should also be avoided as it is considered shouting and is very rude.

III. General Site Info

1. Report Site Problems

Give feedback about anything and everything you feel needs the attention of the administrators and moderators. That way we can fix it, explain it, or delete it, to always be making SpanishDict the best possible.

2. Flagging Posts

Flag problematic, unclear, inaccurate, spammy, or offensive posts so that a moderator can attend to the problem.

3. This Forum is Moderated

Administrators, many of which are non-paid members of SpanishDict, strive to make the Forum an agreeable and fun site so that the other users can enjoy it in comfort. They have the power to take action against any rule violation. Initially, the administrator will warn the offender and if the warning goes unheeded, then he/she will delete the member from the site. Administrators under the terms of this agreement can be revoked at any time.

Administrator decisions as deletion of threads or posts, the banning of certain members etc. shall not be discussed in public. Please contact any administrator by PM.

4. Each member is responsible for his/her own posts

Questions, Answers, and comments posted to SpanishDict are the opinion and responsibility of the poster. When a message is placed in SpanishDict, you grant an irrevocable license to the site to use it in its dictionaries, lessons, reference material, and future material.

5. Represent yourself honestly

You may register with one user name only and all clones will be deleted.

6. Disclaimer

Your personal information that you have entered will be stored in a database. SpanishDict is not responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised. Do not include any sensitive personal information in your profile, Questions, Answers, or private messages.


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Bienvenido al foro y ¡¡have fun!!

updated ENE 14, 2012
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