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Random questions that I've come across...


I have some questions regarding the use of “a” and “de” as well as some other random questions.

  1. I’m a little unsure if “a” and “de” would be translating into the English the way I think that they would. Fui a la casa. = I went to the house. Me fui de la casa. = I left from the house.

  2. Could you ever say, “Fui a las 7:00 de la noche” or would it have to be, “Me fui a las 7:00 de la noche.”

  3. Could you ever say, “Dejé de la casa a las seis.” = I left from the house at 6:00. Or would it sound better to say, “Me fui de la casa a las seis.” ?

updated ABR 5, 2010
posted by thaibean06

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Remember that "ir" and "irse" mean two different things, so using the reflexive in one sentence versus another is changing their meaning along with using "a" or "de."

"Fui" means "I went," while "Me fui" means "I left." "Fui a las 7" means I went somewhere, while "Me fui a las 7" means I left towards somewhere else.
At any rate, saying "Dejé de la casa..." doesn't make much sense. You could conceivably say "Dejé la casa.." but that doesn't mean "leave" in the same sense. That would mean that you left the house in a certain state or you left the house to someone else (as in gave it or willed it to them). It's like the house is being referred to as an object that you have or use, but not necessarily occupy. At the very least, this is how I'm accustomed to using the word. "Me fui de la casa" is correct: "I left the house." If you said "Me fui a la casa," that would mean "I went (as in 'left to go') to the house."

Does that help at all?

updated ABR 5, 2010
posted by nuxita
That helps a ton!!! Thank you!!! :) - thaibean06, ABR 5, 2010

I am not a native or an advanced spanish speaker, so I do not know how to answer your questions, but I think "salí de casa a las siete would be better than "fui".

updated ABR 3, 2010
posted by fi123
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