Rara vez, raras veces, pocos veces

Rara vez, raras veces, pocos veces


So rara vez and raras veces mean the same thing? What about pocos veces? Rara vez, raras veces = seldom. Pocos veces = ??. Less than seldom? Gracias.

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pocas veces - samdie, ABR 3, 2010

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I would imagine that the distinction would probably be along the lines of the distinction that one might make between the English "rarely" and "few times." That is to say that there is probably little (if any) distinction between the two.

Rara vez lo he visto - Rarely, have I seen it.

Pocas veces lo he visto - Few times, have I seen it.

In both cases, rara and pocas refer to the frequency of an occurrence and both phrases could just as likely be translated to mean "seldom."

Pocas/Rara veces lo he visto - Seldom have I seen it/I have seldom seen it.

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When I searched for the translation of pocos veces, it came out with the answer "few times" or "little times". I think that means it would be less than seldom.

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"seldom"="rarely"/"infrequently" - samdie, ABR 3, 2010
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