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Is this site based on Mexican Spanish?


Is your site based on Castillian Spanish or Mexican Spanish? I need Mexican Spanish. Thank you.

updated AGO 11, 2010
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posted by SAS2010
Why do people keep asking this?!? - TheSilentHero, ABR 2, 2010

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Hello SAS2010, welcome to the Forum.

This site is none of the above and all of the above. cheese

the dictionary and translator tools that you have at your disposal are "neutral"; they simply give you standard Spanish results.

The Forum is composed of members from all nationalities and backgrounds, so if you "need" some help with Mexican idioms, you will find members here who can help you.

Just please make sure to state your questions clearly and politely, and you will find that this is a very friendly and helpful place.

However, if you need for some reason just to learn Mexican slang and idioms, and little else, there are plenty of specialized books that you can find either in Amazon.com or in good libraries.

Welcome, and have fun!

updated AGO 11, 2010
posted by Gekkosan

I don't know why we're suddenly getting a lot of questions about which Spanish we're using on this site. There is only one Spanish. There are some regional differences in pronunciation and some idioms, but it's still the same language. It's based on the Real Academia Española, which is the international standard. Mexican Spanish is probably no more different from Castillian Spanish than British English is from Canadian English.

updated AGO 11, 2010
posted by CalvoViejo
There's a few word difference like inodoro -> escusado etc... I found a bunch of these at first and realized I had a bunch of useless words since they weren't Mexican Spanish, now I go over my words with my Spanish (Mexican) friends. - jeezzle, ABR 2, 2010
It's more like the difference between English from Scotland and English from Mississippi. Other than the fact that the pronunciation is vastly different and many words are completely different, they're identical ;-) - KevinB, AGO 10, 2010
Beyond vocabulary differences, some regions have "voseo"--where they use vos instead of tú. The differences are probably similar to French (Quebec vs. France)--sure you can be mutually understood but the vocab and pronunciation varies. - fishsticks, AGO 11, 2010

The biggest difference that you need to be aware of is that when looking at conjugations of verbs there is an entire tense that is not used in Mexico. These are the verb endings -ais, -eis and -ad that you will see in the conjugation charts that go with the pronoun "vosostros". "Vos" is also not used in Mexican Spanish. Otherwise, the grammar and verb conjugations are the same. I doubt that you will find a better site on the web to learn Spanish.

updated ABR 3, 2010
posted by alba3

Güey Spanish has a good list of Mexican slang words, but it's pretty offensive.

updated AGO 11, 2010
posted by Patrick-Hernandez
Te puedo recomendar esta pagina web: http://myspanishnotes.blogspot.com/ - bomberapolaca, AGO 10, 2010
Señor Hernandez, how did you stumble on this 4 & 1/2 months later? Just curious. - LateToDinner, AGO 11, 2010

Se da por sentado que el español mexicano es el mejor. smile

updated AGO 10, 2010
posted by bomberapolaca

Feel free to ask! I'm from Mexico city wink

updated ABR 2, 2010
posted by AntMexico

La única razón por la cual uno podría querer diferenciar los distintos tipos de regionalismos es para poder hacer un estudio mas profundo de la lengua (en este caso el castellano) En latino américa no hablamos español, hablamos castellano, el español incluye siseo, y formas verbales como el vosotros (que estudiamos pero no usamos) ahora yo puedo decir que si un mejicano y un uruguayo quieren hablar van a comunicarse, ahora si se ponen a conversar usando regionalismos no se van a entender.

updated AGO 11, 2010
posted by caelus
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