Translating Numbers

Translating Numbers


I'm working on a text which uses Latinate numbers.

  1. Spanish: La XVII edición de Smagua, el Salón Internacional del Agua

  2. English:The XVII occasion of Smagua, the International Water Exhibition

    Would it be better to put "The 17th" or stick with " XVII". I'm tempted to go with "XVII" as it's done in English as well. Is there some translation convention one applies in these situations?

Also Smagua is an acronym but is of course Spanish. Normally if I have a phrase such as La Fieria de Tarragona and I want to leave it in the text I'll do so with italics.

Should I italicise the acronym for the same reason?

Many thanks.

updated ABR 2, 2010
posted by lagartijaverde

1 Answer


I would leave it Birdland.

The same with names - why change them unless they are known locally by another name?

Example: Leave Londres as it in Spanish and don't change it to London.

updated ABR 2, 2010
posted by ian-hill
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