dairy Products??

dairy Products??


I'm still working on my food project, another thing I'm having problems with is I have made a large picture of a bunch of different fruits, and am going to have the children match the different foods to the food groups Las Fruitas Las Veduras Confused for dairy??? and also meats??

Here is the definition from Spanishdic

  1. Lechería (on farm); lugar donde se prepara la leche para hacer queso y manteca; quesera o quesería, el lugar donde se prepara la leche para hacer quesos.
  2. Lácteo (produce); de granja (butter, cream); lechero (cow/industry).
  3. Lechería (shop); central lechera (company). •Dairy farm -> granja lechera•Dairyman -> lechero

thank you so MUCH!!!! Sharon

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I can't catch what you want... could you be more explicit? wink What if instead of drawings just take real fruits? On TV was said by the BBC that the learning process is incredible much better when touching or smelling.

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I have a TON of artificial fruit I've purchased but I want them to put the fruits, vegetables, meats,and dairy in the correct groups just as another fun exercise. - Sharon-Cash, MAR 31, 2010
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WOW, thanks, for the poster, I can see dairy would be dario, Hadn't thought of grains that is one I will need to add. Thank you again. This is turing into a huge project, I already have 64 pages and each page has two pictures. - Sharon-Cash, MAR 31, 2010
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