Subjunctive - esperar

Subjunctive - esperar


Hi could anyone tell me if "esperar que" takes the subjunctive, in video 3.1 on this site "espero que" is used with the subjunctive which I would have thought it should be but, the page at this link says it doesn't (it is near the end of the article) http://www.elearnspanishlanguage.com/grammar/verbs/subjunctive-uv.html

?? Thanks

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a link to that website - Fidalgo, MAR 31, 2010

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Here is a list of common expressions that introduce an aspect of desire to the sentence, and therefore trigger the use of the subjunctive.

esperar que to wish that ... insistir en que ... to insist that ... mandar que ... to order that ... preferir que ... to prefer that ... prohibir que ... to prohibit that ... querer que ... to want that ... es aconsejable que ... it's advisable that ... es necesario que ... it's necessary that ... pedir que ... to ask that ... recomendar que ... to recommend that ... rogar que ... to plead that ... sugerir que ... to suggest that ...

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Thank you, actually try this website, I think the 'usage' info here helps alot;(If the link doesn't work just copy&paste; it to your address bar) http://www.lingolex.com/swom/wom-subj.htm - fi123, MAR 31, 2010

I believe that when you use "esperar" as an expression of desire or hope, it takes the subjunctive.

We hope that he comes soon.

Esperamos que venga pronto.

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