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Are there collective nouns in Spanish?


Following from "Phrases and idioms" would you have a list of collective nouns as there are in English for Animals , for example. A colony of Ants A shrewdness of Apes. A troup of Babboons. An obstinacy of Buffalo. An intrusion of Cockroaches. A pride of Lions. A gaggle of Geese. A murder of Crows. A swarm of Bees. A culture of Bacteria. An exultation of Larks. A dazzle of Zebra. An ambush of Tigers. A Rhumba of Rattlesnake. A Parliament of Owls. ¿ Is there anything like this in Spanish or better?

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...an obstinacy of Buffalo? - Janice, ENE 28, 2011
Wonderful question, Ray! - Sabor, ENE 28, 2011

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Yes, they exist in Spanish also.

some examples of collective Spanish nouns

Spanish also has uncountable nouns just as English does.

As to whether we have a list, you could check the Vocabulary lists. If we don't have one, why not make your own and then announce its publishing?

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I love your confidence in me , so I shall try, thank you. - ray76, MAR 31, 2010

I created a small flashcard set on collective nouns. Feedback on nouns worth adding is welcome. Thanks.

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In English there is a mountain of collective nouns for different animals, there do not seem to be so many in Spanish. Does anyone know if this is a peculiarity of English or are there other languages with tons of collective nouns for animals?

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A lot of our collective nouns in British English seam to be of a comedic bent , using words which approximate the behaviour of the animals , some are extremely clever and funny. - ray76, FEB 1, 2011
A loveliness of ladybirds! - afowen, FEB 1, 2011

Of course, like any other language, Spanish has collective nouns. These nouns can be used in singular and refer to a "group of..." Examples:

jauría de lobos [pack of wolves] bosque [forest: group of trees] gente [group of people] muchedumbre [crowd] bandada [flock of birds] rosal [rose garden, group of rose bushes] ganado [cattle]

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Sí, hay muchísimos. Ve al enlace link text

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Bueno, usarenzo, ¡Debo de encomendarte! (please correct my spanish :) great site! - - NancyGrace, ENE 28, 2011
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