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How do you say "were forced"


How can I say "The Indians were forced off of their land"? If I simply put "forced" in the preterite, it implys they were doing the forcing. "Los indios forzaron de su tierra" sounds like they forced their land to do something.

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implies :) - chicasabrosa, MAR 31, 2010

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I would use passive voice, either using passive se or classic passive voice (ser+past participle) "se forzaron" or " fueron forzado"

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How about something like 'los indios han sido forzados de su tierra' with 'forzados' being an adj - margaretbl, MAR 30, 2010

fueron expulsados de sus tierras -- fueron forzados/obligados a quitar/dejar sus tierras -- fueron echados de sus tierras

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Absolutelly agree. - 00e657d4, MAR 31, 2010
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