How can we comment on certain phrases in the phrasebook?

How can we comment on certain phrases in the phrasebook?


I've just come across 'boob tube' in the phrasebook and, at least in England, I'm certain that's a type of t-shirt and I've never heard it used in reference to tv.

Is there any way to comment on this in the phrasebook?

Thank you in advance smile

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I don't know how accurate it is, but I love your idea of a tube top being a boob tube.

It gets my vote.

alt text

When I looked at the Phrasebook on the Beta Site one of my criticisms was that public comments from the entire membership weren't allowed (just those of moderators). I think that this is a shortcoming with the Vocabulary Lists, too. The strength of this site is that there are so many different viewpoints that a rounded answer is usually presented, rather than a single opinion.

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I guess the only way to comment is right here for now but I want to say that in the US the term "boob tube" far outdates the tube top. It stemmed from the idea that sitting in front of the tv for hours makes boobs (idiots) out of us.

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This is correct. The expression dates to the 70s. - tennismom, MAR 31, 2010

Not that I know of. I tried commenting on a phrasebook entry but I couldn't do anything. The reputation page didn't say any way on how to "earn" the ability to comment, but I don't think it's even possible

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