Using the preposition 'a'

Using the preposition 'a'


I am confused when to use 'a'.
This sounds right to me. Me gusta ir a el cine. or Me gusta ir al cine. But I would not say: Me gusta montar a el caballo. Right? Any help on this would be great.

updated MAR 30, 2010
posted by birdmama
You're getting my vote for providing us with some examples. We love it when examples are provided!!! :) - Nicole-B, MAR 29, 2010

2 Answers


Hola Birdmama,

Here is an excellent reference article about the preposition "a". I know it can be confusing at times.

Hopefully, this will help to clear things up for you! smile click here

updated MAR 30, 2010
posted by Nicole-B

Me gusta ir al cine (a + el is always al). al is used because you are going TO el cine.

You could say montar el caballo but that sounds more like mounting the horse than riding it (like, getting on top of the horse, known as "mounting up"). Actually riding the horse is montar al caballo

Hope that helps!

updated MAR 29, 2010
posted by soulglo1990
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