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what is the difference between "anyone and anyone's"


When I ca to use anyone or anyone's Anyone's is plural?

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Hola Melipiru, anyone: any person( male or female) but "anyone's" has possessive s for example Matthew's girl friend or in other case anyone's can be considered as " anyone is" for example anyone's here ? :::Matthew,Tarragona - Matthew_S, JUN 16, 2012

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Anyone is a pronoun. Anyone's is a singular possessive pronoun.

Apostrophes can indicate a contraction (I will-I'll) or possession/ownership ('s) singular form

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anyone is not possesive.... anyone's is possessive - Las_Plagos, AGO 29, 2010

Anyone - cualquier persona

Anyone's / anybody's - e.g.

La opinión de cualquiera - Anyone's opinion

. o algo así

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Here are some examples:

There's not anyone here. No hay nadie aqui.

Does anyone want a drink? ¿Quiere alguien una bebida?

Bring anyone you like to the party. Trae a quien quieres a la fiesta.

(Possession) It could be anyone's book. Puede ser el libro de cualquiera.

(Anyone is - contraction) Anyone's welcome in my house. Cualquiera persona es bienvenido en mi casa.

Remember that you can also say "anybody" instead of "anyone". See: anybody/anyone

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You use anyone's when you are referring to ownership.

ex. Is this anyone's pencil?

A better way to use it would be to say: "Does this pencil belong to anyone?"

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Can you explain the difference in usage between the Pretérito Perfecto and the Present Perfect in English? They seem very similar. Maybe I can help to explain something for you in English in exchange?

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anyone- singular

anyone's- something belonging to someone

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if plural,

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anyone is by definition singular. Any one. - Lrtward, MAR 29, 2010
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