Terminator 2 Quote

Terminator 2 Quote


In the Terminator 2 movie, after joining up with her former partner in crime Salceda, he tells her she is "still jumpy". To which she replies, "Y tú. Siempre como culebra". To be grammatically correct, shouldn't it be..."Siempre como la culebra" ? Thank you in advance.

updated MAR 29, 2010
posted by Chryslerpetz
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Not really. If she were to be perfectly "correct" from a contextual point of view, she would have to say "Siempre como una culebra". However, her expression is common.

Given the situation, the English equivalents (not literal translations, mind you), might run something like this:

"Y tú, siempre como una culebra". - "And you, always like a snake"

"Y tú, siempre como culebras" - "And you, always like snakes".

Or your choice:

"Y tú, siempre como la culebra" - "And you, always like the snake".

updated MAR 29, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
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