How do you say "what if"?

How do you say "what if"?


how would you say "what if"

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I think the simplest and most common way to express the phrase is

"¿Y si...?"

For example: "What if it rains?" "¿Y si llueve?"

There are other ways to express the idea, though, like "¿Qué tal si...?" or "¿Qué pasaría si...?" It can depend on context.

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I agree. I think Benz's answer, while correct, sounds too much like "So what?". "Qué tal" is more speculative. - Gekkosan, MAR 28, 2010

What if it rains? translates = "¿Y qué si llueve?" (meaning what shall we do if it rains --- are we going anyway?)


Other examples:

What if I don't like her? ¿Y qué si no me agrada?

What if he's coming with us? ¿Y qué si viene con nosotros? (meaning "Any problems?)


Hope it helps! wink

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Hi, Starrdaze.

For this one it's a direct translation: "¿qué si...?

"What if they never get here?" - "¿Qué si nunca llegan?"

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Mountaingirl, you are using a "strange" word there - "is". You believe me, right? - Rikko, MAR 28, 2010
My understanding is that the direct translation is incorrect...? - nuxita, MAR 28, 2010
I think it was just a typo for "if". - Luciente, MAR 28, 2010
Changed "What is they never..." to "What if" - h1deaway, MAR 28, 2010
Sorry, if my comment was misleading. It was meant as a joke for mountaingirl. It has something to do with what she posted here yesterday about using wrong words. - Rikko, MAR 28, 2010
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