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what does lindo mean


a place to eat called mexico lindo

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lindo = lovely adjective

lindo, -a adjective1. pretty, lovely (especially Am) •de lo lindo, -a (informal) -> a great deal adverb2. very well, beautifully (Am)

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lindo [leen’-do, dah] adjective1. Neat, handsome (hombre), pretty (bonito), fine, genteel. 2. Complete, perfect. 3. Nice (precioso), lovely; fine (excelente). •De lo lindo -> perfectly, wonderfully•Un lindo carro -> a lovely caradverb4. Nicely, well, marvellously. (Latin American) (m) •Baila lindo -> she dances beautifullynoun5. Beau, coxcomb, minion. (m)

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updated MAR 28, 2010
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