"scrambled egg and beans on toast"

"scrambled egg and beans on toast"


My son is 9 and I am trying to have a conversation with him in spanish at lunchtimes. We are both trying to learn spanish so I am trying to translate all the usual phrases we use at this time of day. "do you want scrambled eggs and beans on toast?" is one of them. Any help on the translation and how to pronounce it would be great.

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posted by bowlt68
Hi Bowl... welcome to the forum! As a brit living in Argentina, this post has made my mouth water! I would LOVE some beans on toast!!! - torrontes75, MAR 25, 2010

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¿Quieres huevos revueltos y frijoles sobre una tostada?

I would use en una tostada...but sobre is ok.

Post your attempt in a post so everybody can see itwink

Welcome to the forum, nice threads and good luck on learning Spanish with yoru songrin

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posted by 00494d19
How do you post this in a post then? - bowlt68, MAR 25, 2010
You wrote your new attempt "So would "¿Quieres huevos revueltos ..." in the comments section. If you write is as a "New Answer", then it's a lot more visible, and more people are enticed to participate. - Gekkosan, MAR 25, 2010
Don't worry. you'll quickly get the hang of it! Have fun! :-) - Gekkosan, MAR 25, 2010
Be aware.... posting is a highly addictive activity ;) :P!! - chicasabrosa, MAR 25, 2010
Eugh, yes.. :-p - Gekkosan, MAR 25, 2010

Hi there,

If you would post your attempts at translations it would be a lot easier to help you. Please bear in mind that you are the only one who knows what you would say to your son at breakfast wink.

Any mistakes you might have made could then be corrected by our online members.

Good luck!

Saludos, Chica

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posted by chicasabrosa
Ok, thank you. Sorry - haven't done this before! So would "¿Quieres huevos revueltos y frijoles sobre una tostada? be correct? - bowlt68, MAR 25, 2010
That's okay :). I would say "en tostada" or "sobre pan tostada", the rest sounds fine to me - chicasabrosa, MAR 25, 2010
"Sobre pan tostado" "El pan" es masculino. Now I'm getting hungry again! - Gekkosan, MAR 25, 2010
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