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carretera VS camino


carretera VS camino usage?

updated SEP 14, 2012
posted by tacolai

2 Answers


calle = lane or side road

carretera = road, main street, highway

autopista = freeway

camino = path, trail, journey, street

mi camino= my path I take, my journey through life, in the middle of my journey

updated NOV 20, 2012
posted by renaerules

Carretera is really straightforward: it's a street.

Camino can mean many things: path, trail, journey, street,

Mi camino: in the middle of a journey, your path through life, the path you take,

Hope this helps and welcome!

updated NOV 20, 2012
posted by renaerules
Where does calle fit in? - Rikko, MAR 25, 2010
generally "calle" is a lane or side road and carretera is more of a main street or road...it can even be used for highway. - renaerules, MAR 25, 2010
What's more, "autopista" is a freeway. - renaerules, MAR 25, 2010
Gracias!!! - Rikko, MAR 25, 2010
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