i need help with spanish homework

i need help with spanish homework


how do you say doesn't in spanish

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My students often try to translate "doesn't" into Spanish. There is no equivalent for this phrase. It is "built into" the Spanish verb.

My friend doesn't sing. Mi amigo no canta.

Does your friend sing? ¿Canta tu amigo/a?

Hope this helps.

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Spanish doesn't have an equivalent of "doesn't." Well maybe "no hacer" would kind of fit the bill. But anyway, if you want to say something like:

Antanio doesn't work.

You would say;

Antonio no trabaja.

Essentially for basic "does not" phrases just say (subject) + no + (conjugated present tense verb).

Unlike in English you require a verb to speak of whether something "does" or "doesn't."

For example, there would be no literal translation for "it doesn't" into Spanish. At least not used in terms of the concept you actually meant. No hace would mean "it does not" but not in the fashion we try to convey.

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