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!Hola a todos!

I'm already studying El verbo Ir. I'm a little confuse when I use this for questioning. Like this: ?(Tú) Vas al gimnasio?

The sentence above could mean 2 things. it could be:

a. Do you go to the gym? or

b. Are you going to the gym?

How would I know if it's a or b

Thanks in advance grin

updated MAR 27, 2010
posted by 009ee30f

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You're right; it can mean either one. To clarify, the speaker could add to the question: ¿Vas al gimnasio todos los días? or ¿Vas al gimnasio ahora?

updated MAR 25, 2010
posted by tennismom

"¿Vas al gimnasio?" can mean either "Are you going ..." or "Do you go ..." and, under normal circumstances the context would make clear which meaning was intended. There are various ways to amplify the sentence to make the distinction but, under normal circumstances, the context would be sufficient.

The fact that English has two different ways of phrasing the question (which make clear the intended distinction) , is irrelevant. English is not Spanish nor is Spanish English. Each has its own way of expressing ideas (and its cultural assumptions). Each (in its own way) relies on context to provide clues about how to interpret a given utterance.

If you insist on believing that any/all language(s) must provide translations that have an exact "word-for-word" correspondence, then you should simply abandon any effort to learn another language.You are doomed to disappointment.

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posted by samdie
Hi Samdie. I have balanced Estudiante's flag with a vote. - Eddy, MAR 27, 2010

Hi Estudiante F

Why have you flagged Samdie's post as being Offensive or Abusive Speech when it is neither. From what I can see he has given clear and concise advice. In future please do not flag indiscriminately.

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posted by Eddy

There is a helpful little word in Spanish:

"Ya" = already, now

The sentence could say:

¿Ya vas al gimnasio? = Are you going to the gym?

¿Vas al gimnasio? = Do you go to the gym?

I am not a native-speaker, so I am sure there is other advice that would work as well!

updated MAR 27, 2010
posted by renaerules

a. Asks "do you ever go to the gym?"

b. Asks "are you going to the gym soon?"

a. ¿Alguna vez ir al gimnasio?

b. ¿Vas al gimnasio pronto?

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