Que es la palabra para "boat wake" en espanol?

Que es la palabra para "boat wake" en espanol?


¿Que es la palabra para "boat wake" en espanol?


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The word you are looking for is "la estela".

This looks like your first entry in the forum. Please accept a very big welcome. We hope you will enjoy all the time you spend here. Here is a forum secret that I think you will enjoy.


When looking for the Spanish word, do this:

Place you cursor on the word “wake” where you have typed it in your question.
”Double-Click” on the word “wake”.
In the narrow blue window that opens, “single click” on the word “wake”.
This will bring you to our dictionary page and it will show you "1. estela (f) (of ship)"
This almost always works for any word you are researching.
Try it, it's really quick, easy and gives fast answers.


If you like, just enter your word directly into our dictionary in this way:

In the Blue Menu Bar at the top of the screen, you will see these “Tabs”:
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“Click” on the “Dictionary” tab
There is a wide (but not tall) window, with subdued printing, which says “Enter a Spanish or English Word”.
Type the word you are researching into the window.
Press the “Enter” key, or, “Click” on the orange “Translate” button
This should reveal the details about the word you are researching.


If you still have a question after doing your search, enter it into a “Question” posting here in the forum.


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