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Spanish Story Books for Beginners


I have just started to learn Spanish. Can you suggest any Spanish story books for a beginner (easy to read story books) like me ?

Thanks in advance.

updated MAR 22, 2010
posted by meetParantapa

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Are you interested in picture books to add vocabulary or do you wish to try chapter books? Do you like to play interactive games for children to learn basic vocabulary?

You might wish to try these sites:

Cody's Cuentos

Cuentos para chicos

Cuentos para niños

There are all kinds of free online sites offering stories/books for all age/competency levels.

updated MAR 22, 2010
posted by 0074b507

There is a whole series of books: link text they are 7 bucks, but they are like 2 bucks or less at my local Half Price Books. You should check there, I read a bunch of them at the beginning of it all. They are fun and easy. You can learn a lot from them.

updated MAR 22, 2010
posted by jeezzle

These are not books, but tv series included audio guide. Mi vida loca on BBC and Destinos. I found them interesting and easy! I started reading Gabriel García Márquez. Since I know a bit more than green beginner, it's still difficult but I was inspired by a story how one writer learned russian - he read Tolstoy without any knowledge of the language, just with dictionary in his hands. And it's not so hard as it seems, especially if you like literature.

updated MAR 22, 2010
posted by swing
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