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Whats the Tu command form?


whats the tú command for in conjugation?

updated MAR 21, 2010
posted by AllisonK

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It's for telling someone to do something. In English, we usually just drop the pronoun "you" and it makes it a command. Compare...

You close the door (statement)

Close the door. (command)

In Spanish, for the tú form, we usually use what would normally be used for 3rd person singular statements to make the command for the tú.

Cierras la puerta (statement)

Cierra la puerta (command in tú form OR statement in 3rd person singular)

It would be context that lets someone know if it is command or a statement.

updated MAR 21, 2010
posted by webdunce

Have a look in the "conjugation" tab under "more" above.

Tú = you (2nd person singular infomal).

Try putting in Hablar = to speak and see that "you speak" = "hablas" - that is the Tú form.

If you are looking for "Speak!" it is the imperative "Habla!"

updated MAR 21, 2010
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