conversion to a question

conversion to a question


How do you convert "La niña desea recibir la invitacion." into a question? Does it become (a) "¿Desea recibir la niña la invitacion?" or (b)"¿Desea la niña recibir la invitacion?"

What about "Pedro y yo no asistimos siempre a las clases." Is it (c) "¿No asistimos Pedro y yo siempre a las clases?" or (d) "¿No asistimos siempre Pedro y yo a las clases?"

Please feel free to just give me the letters (a or b, c or d) of the correct form unless none of them are correct.

Thank you.

updated MAR 22, 2010
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2 Answers


Both are correct in both cases. It is "asistimos".

The second question becomes a "positive" one: "Don't we Pedro and I always assist to all classes?"

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Thank you, but yagi's response is that only b and d are correct. - Rikko, MAR 21, 2010

both of them are b smile

updated MAR 22, 2010
posted by yagi
i mean the first one is b and the second one is d - yagi, MAR 21, 2010
OK, thanks! But now I am confused because the way I understood ismarodri is that all of them - a, b, c, and d - are correct. - Rikko, MAR 21, 2010
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