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I have never seen cursive handwritting in spanish.


I have never seen cursive handwritting in spanish. Is it not used or maybe not used that much? I was just cursive writting in english and wondered about translating it in español. (cursive)

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Here's the dictionary link cursive. I think it would be "escribir cursiva". See link cursiva I don't see people write in cursive often. One out of 20 students in my English class wrote in cursive the other day when writing sentences on the board. She was from El Salvador.

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That seems to be the growing trend everywhere. I am always trying to remind my kids to use cursive. - Nicole-B, MAR 20, 2010
Escribir Cursiva sounds acurate, but not many use it. I'm also from El Salvador. We call this ripe of writing Letra de Carta or Letra de Imprenta. Back it the day it was the proper way to write a letter to a family member or a legal matter. - Alexguzman7, ENE 23, 2017

Yes, Spanish speaking people do write in cursive. I have seen many examples.

Here is an example of a school book which teaches cursive: alt text

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I have seen it -- mine! I have seen my instructor use cursive for his own notes in Spanish. Also, I have read that, in Spain, students learn to read and write in cursive before they learn the "block" letters.

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