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I am trying to learn Spanish. I bought Rosetta Stone and I am working with it. However, it gets frustrating that there is no supporting documentation that I can refer to. I am searching for a book that will help me learn Spanish without a teacher. Hopefully, Rosetta Stone and the book will be a good combination. Any suggestions?

updated MAR 20, 2010
posted by mukund

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I bought the Michel Thomas CD's and found them really helpful.

updated MAR 20, 2010
posted by petticoat

Hi mukund, and welcome to the forum.

I went a pretty similar route as you, though with me I bought "Learn in your Car Spanish", an audio CD set that was lacking some of the grammatical rules.

I pretty much learned my grammar rules on SpanishDict.com. Mostly I have to credit the lessons here (Click on "Learn Spanish" above) but also the reference section, which has pretty full explanations of everything. There are many other resources and E-books on the web available in PDF form, many of which I printed out. But honestly I didn't use them as much as I thought I would. The best one is "Spanish- Romance Language of 417 Million" which I found with Google. The Spanish book I always wanted is A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish by John Butt. If I was going to buy one today, that would be it. Also... don't forget 501 Spanish verbs or the Big Red Book of Spanish verbs. If you're going to learn Spanish, you need a verb book. (Unless you use the conjugators on our site.)

Buena suerte

updated MAR 20, 2010
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posted by Goyo
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