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I need to diferentiate between "cake" and "pie"


I am needing the translation for "cake" and "pie". I am confused on when to use "pastel" and "torta". It seems like "pastel" is used for both? Any help would be appreciated.

updated MAR 19, 2010
posted by Rose64

1 Answer


This is a cake -- "Torta" or "Pastel"

alt text


This is a pie -- "Tarta"

alt text

alt text

updated MAR 19, 2010
edited by Benz
posted by Benz
Stop Benz! You're going to make us all hungry! :) - Nicole-B, MAR 19, 2010
Thank you--I'm no longer confused! - Rose64, MAR 19, 2010
That's great!!!! Sorry Nicole... it was absolutly necessary jajaja :) - Benz, MAR 19, 2010
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