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¿Qué fue su niñez como?


Are these right?

¿Qué fue su niñez como? - ¿Cómo gastó usted a su niñez? - ¿Qué le hizo hacía durante su niñez? - Is the grammer right?

updated MAR 19, 2010
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Hi, Hansen, you are on the right track, but let's try to mop up a bit...

  1. "What was ____ like?" - the general formula is "Cómo + "ser" in either preterite or imperfect + noun" You do not use any direct translation for the "like" part (no "como"), since the "like part is understood.

  2. "to spend time" is "pasar" ("gastar" is used more for spending money)

  3. In your third question you do not use "le", since "le" would mean "for you". Also, choose either "hizo" or "hacía" but not both. "hizo" means more "you did" (such as one time or not all the time" and "hacía" means more "you used to do" or "you usually did".

I am sure that you will get your questions mopped up very nicely!

updated MAR 19, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
¡Gran respuesta! - MattM, MAR 19, 2010

Focusing on Mountaingirl's wonderful response I'll take a shot using the preterite........

  • ¿Cómo fue su niñez?
  • ¿Cómo pasaste tiempo durante niñez?
  • ¿Qué hiciste?

  • How was your childhood
  • How did you spend time during childhood?
  • What did you do?
updated MAR 19, 2010
posted by MattM
Another example using the Imperfect Subjunctive might be....Espero que su niñez fuera buena...I hope your childhood was good - MattM, MAR 19, 2010

The first sentence has correct grammar, but the other two are grammatically incorrect.

The sentence Como gasto usted a su ninez means you like spending your childhood,

and the third sentence says, he did during his childhood to....

updated MAR 19, 2010
posted by lil_krisee
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