how do u say im cold in spanish


i need it 4 homework

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He he, this question always reminds me of the classic mistake. Before I get into that, the answer: You want to say "Tengo frío"

The reason I say that is because Spanish speakers do not use the verb "to be" when talking about the temperature they feel. The classic mistake is when an English speaking woman goes to a discotéca, starts dancing with a Spanish speaking guy and, feeling a bit warm from the dancing, says to the guy "¡Estoy caliente!" which literally means "I am hot!" but in Spanish would be understood to mean "I am horny!"

So remember, if you are an English speaker and are translating in your head, never say "I am hot/cold"

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Sorry - this is not correct and goes back to a previous post re using sexual inuendos
what previous post?
Original answer here was "Hace frio" which is why I said it wa not correct! Previous post refers to "Adult content questions" by Mountain Girl
Yeah, I corrected it because you were right :) I didn't think this post would really be controversial, but I'll go find that post you mentioned.
Thanks - just trying to be helpful. I actually thought yours was quite funny!

Someone will jump in, I´m sure, and ask you to use correct punctuation and capitalization on the forum, but the answer to your question is "Tengo frio" This is an expression using Tener - to have, in other words in Spanish they say "I have cold" rather than "I am cold" There are various links to using expressions which I am sure will help you learn.

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