Word agreement

Word agreement


Como cambia el verbo "be" para transformarse en primera,segunda,y tercera persona, cuales son dichas palabras para cada persona? Puede haber una manera mas facil de usar correctamente dicho verbo? Ejem.: But I know Harry to. (primera persona) You are surely Pitt.(segunda persona)

updated MAR 16, 2010
posted by JudithB
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English is very easy Judith when it comes to the verb "to be".

There is only one unlike Spanish (ser y estar)

Present tense

I am

You are (only one form for you)

He / she / it is

We are

They are

Only 3 words to remember

Past tense

I was

You were

He / she / it was

We were

They were

Only 2 words to remember

Future tense

I will be

You will be

He / she / it will be

We will be

They will be

Only 1 form to remember

updated MAR 16, 2010
posted by ian-hill
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