What does "se lanzaron de cabeza al pozo" mean?

What does "se lanzaron de cabeza al pozo" mean?


I was reading an article from Rockdelux on Los Planetas, and the second sentence goes like this: "Los granadinos se lanzaron de cabeza al pozo flamenco y salieron con un disco duro, denso, y oscuro." I'm not familiar with the expression, "lanzarse de cabeza al pozo" and can't really figure out what is meant from the words--it sounds a bit (admittedly, not quite) like some sort of violent act involving decapitating flamenco music and throwing it into a well!--and was wondering if someone could please tell me what it meant. Is this a common expression? Is it saying that they put flamenco out of their minds while they were making this album? That would make a bit more sense. Anyway, please let me know if you've heard it before or know what it means. Thanks.

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It has not any negative connotation. It means to jump headfirst into something. Like they did it without thinking about the consequences or with not thinking too much about it.

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Looking in this dictionary pozo is used in a phrase meaning deeply learned. I am thinking this is a band from Granada that launched this current work from their deeply learned knowledge of flamenco music

or they are grounded in flamenco music and came out with this new disc etc

another interpretation of a talking dog

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