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La palabra del día: tapar


tapar - to close, to put the lid/top on; to cover (up), to tuck in; to block (out); to fill

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"Tápese el ojo izquierdo, mire las letras con el ojo derecho y léalas en voz alta, por favor" me dijo el oftamólogo.

The ophthalmologist told me: "Cover your left eye, look at the letters with your right eye and read them aloud, please."

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Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 15, 2010
Of course, you read the English letters in Spanish so he declared you legally blind. Focus! - 0074b507, MAR 15, 2010
First what the ophthalmologist said - 0063492c, MAR 15, 2010
tápese - 00494d19, MAR 15, 2010
Gracias, Heidi :) - Issabela, MAR 17, 2010

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Hay que tapar el bote de mantequilla de cacahuete.

Someone should put the lid on the peanut butter.

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is more correct to say "tapar el bote de mantequilla..." The action of "tapar" is to put a "tapa" over something in this case, so you can't "tapar la tapa" - Zizoun, MAR 15, 2010
gracias - 008f2974, MAR 15, 2010

Odysseus usó cera de abeja para tapar el sonido del canto hermoso de las sirenas.

Odysseus used beeswax to block out the beautiful singing of the sirens.

(¡ Y desde que los hombres han copiado su ejemplo!)

(and ever since men have followed his example!)

Perhaps,this is the explanation for Renarules' observation for the La Palabra del Día: el tapón !

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Corregid mi español,por favor. - pintor, MAR 15, 2010
el sonido del canto hermoso - 00494d19, MAR 15, 2010
Gracias Heidita.I need to be more careful about gender mistakes! - pintor, MAR 15, 2010

El dentista tapó la cavidad en el diente. The dentist filled the cavity in the tooth.

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posted by nizhoni1

No tapé la botella de ketchup antes de agitarla. ¡Qué lío!

I didn't put the lid on the ketchup bottle before I shook it. What a mess!

¿Necesito hice aquí? o solo No tapé? Gracias smile

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no tapé la botella...de agitarla. ¡qué lío! - 00494d19, MAR 15, 2010

Good cooking advice is to put the lid on the pot while the rice is cooked.

Un buen consejo de cocina es tapar la olla mientras se cuece el arroz.

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advice : ) - mar959, MAR 15, 2010

Ella usaba sus mantas para tapar los niños huérfanos cuando hacía frío.

She used to use her blankets to cover the orphan children when it was cold.

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Desde Viernes he estado enfermo. Me duele la garganta, y tengo nariz tapada.

Since Friday, I have been sick. I have a sore throat and my nose is stopped up.

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Los políticos no nos dicen nada y están tapando el sol con el dedo

The politicians are not telling us anything, and they are covering something up!

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Soy tapando el tarro. I am closing the jar.

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Estoy . - melipiru, MAR 15, 2010

Si montaís en moto, incluso si hace mucho calor, hay que taparse bien o la policía os parará smile

If you are going to ride a motorbike, even when is too hot, you have to cover yourself good or police will stop you.

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posted by Zizoun
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