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Picture of the day: learning hard


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


And don't forget to correct your posts as suggested.



My example:

La primera cosa que Issa hace cada mañana es estudiar el correcto uso de la palabra del día.

The first thing Issa does every morning is study the correct use of the word of the day.


alt text

updated JUN 23, 2011
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posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 15, 2010
Hi Issabel! You have a tiny typo..."crrecto". - renaerules, MAR 15, 2010
Gracias! :) - Issabela, MAR 15, 2010
lo primero que hace issa - 00494d19, MAR 15, 2010
study instead of studying:) - Yeser007, MAR 15, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

9 Answers


Is this Picasso's great granddaughter? ¿Es ésta la biznieta de Picasso?

updated ABR 23, 2010
edited by nizhoni1
posted by nizhoni1
¿Es ésta la biznieta de Picasso? You're up either too late or too early if you're using apostrophes in Spanish. - 0074b507, MAR 15, 2010
I was wondering about the apostrophe thing. My first chance to ponder this - nizhoni1, MAR 15, 2010
New glasses and coffee are on my to do list - nizhoni1, MAR 15, 2010

Estuve despierto toda la noche pintando mis "ojos".

I was up all night painting my 'eyes'.

Corrections appreciated.

updated MAR 16, 2010
posted by 00d7cd75

Estas gafas no engañan a nadie.

These glasses can fool nobody

updated ABR 24, 2010
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posted by melipiru
These glasses can fool nobody. These glasses can't fool anybody. double negative - nizhoni1, MAR 15, 2010

Ojalá tuve esos cuando yo era en escuela. I wish I had those when I was in school.

updated MAR 15, 2010
posted by Yeser007

Se parece a Alrisa después de un día entero estudiando español tongue laugh

She looks like Alri after a whole day studying Spanish.

updated MAR 15, 2010
posted by Zizoun
Sorry I couldn't let it haha - Zizoun, MAR 15, 2010

SpanishDict.com tiene una foto nueva por el Flashcard "estoy candsado."

SpanishDict.com has a new photo for the Flashcard "I am tired."

updated MAR 15, 2010
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posted by 008f2974

Ju estudiante perfecto es más inteligente de lo que crees ... The perfect student is smarter than you think...

updated MAR 15, 2010
posted by EJClaire

¡Al inscribir a sus niños a nuestra escuela, ellos se quedarán motivados todo el día!

By enrolling your children at our school, they will remain motivated all day!

updated MAR 15, 2010
posted by 005faa61

Si no estaba hasta las tres de la mañana con mi hermana mayor mirando spanishDict.com,

no trendr?a tanto sue?o ahora mientras intento estudiar Espa?ol .

If I was not up until 3 in the morning with my older sister looking at spanishDict.com,

I would not be falling asleep now while I try to study Spanish.

updated MAR 15, 2010
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posted by Rolest
Corregid mi español, por favor!...¡Gracias! - Rolest, MAR 15, 2010
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