I'm looking for a Spanish word for "stay.

I'm looking for a Spanish word for "stay.


In this sense, a "stay" is a noun describing a rigid bar sewn into a garment to keep the fabric from wrinkling. I have a small sewing factory in the Dominican Republic. There, they just call it a "stay," but I believe there is a Spanish word for it, derived from a whale bone or something?

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in this context, stay is probably translated as:

1 - varilla (Cada una de las costillas de metal, ballena, etc., que forman la armazón de los corsés.)

2 - presilla (Costura que se hace para evitar que una tela se abra o se deshilache)

But after reading again your post, I should add that, at least in Argentina, you have the word ballenita to designate a short and flat plastic bar used to keep stiff shirt´s collars.

It comes from ballena, which is known as baleen in English, and it´s ´a horny keratinous substance found in two rows of transverse plates which hang down from the upper jaws of baleen whale.´

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Hi Jimmy, in Spain we call it barra or peso o cotrapeso

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Heidi, do you mean contrapeso? - Eddy, MAR 12, 2010
eso:P - 00494d19, MAR 12, 2010
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